Top 10 Things We Loved About The Wonder Woman Movie

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Wonder Woman came out to both critical and audience acclaim, and there’s a lot to love about it, so we decided to handpick the Top 10 things that made the movie so great! WatchMojo presents the Top 10 Things that made Wonder Woman Awesome! But what will take the top spot on our list? Will it be that it’s a successful female led superhero movie, the amazing training sequences, or Gal Gadot’s fantastic performance? Watch to find out!

00:35 #10. It Might Have Saved the DC Extended Universe
01:31 #9. It Did the Origin Story Justice
02:20 #8. It Didn’t Pack in a Million Cameos
03:10 #7. Diana’s Dynamic with Steve Trevor
03:57 #6. Wonder Woman’s a Great Role Model
04:49 #5. It’s a Superhero Movie Directed by a Woman
05:46 #4. The Colorful Action
06:36 #3, #2, #1 ???

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  1. I legit havent seen this much hate for a movie in years. I take it the mcu fanboys wanted this movie to fail so badly they choose to blindly hate this movie because they cant handle its success.

  2. The most OVERRATED superhero movie, it was good and didn’t have stupid moments like the rest DC movies but it is nowhere near as good as people make it out to be

  3. The best DC movie since the Christopher Nolan/Christian Bale Batman movies, in fact the only good DC movie since the Dark Knight Rises.

  4. Number one should have been the religious themes that were expressed in the movie especially during the final fight scene.

  5. Man of Steel and Wonder Woman is what DC movies should be like. BvS tried to jam in to many things and that’s what kinda ruined it, even tho it did have a few good scenes. And Suicide Squad just could’ve been much better.

  6. The only thing I never liked about Wonder Woman as a character was her costume. I always thought it was ridiculous, I mean her torso and forearms are protected but if she gets shot or something literally anywhere else it’s unprotected. I just thought it was pointless and always made it hard to take her seriously to me. I haven’t seen the movie (I’m sure it’s great) yet, so I don’t know if maybe there’s a reason it’s like that, but it’s still kind of dumb. She’s a cool character, I just hate her costume.

  7. I was hoping it would’ve been maybe Kate Beckinsale or Jaimie Alexander even, and in the long shot, Serena Williams, or another possibly built, woman of color.

  8. The only Cameo I wanted to see in Wonder Woman is Lynda Carter just to give us a repect to the TV figure.

  9. we get it, it was directed by a woman! women can do things now right? stop bringing it up all the time smh..

  10. Well fans were waiting to see the outfit onscreen for YEARS. Then they saw it in BVS (although that sucked)

  11. 1.Gal Gadot
    2. GAL GADOT
    3. Chris Pine
    4. The No Man’s Land’s scene
    5. Great role models
    6. Wonder Woman’s theme song
    7. Very subtle feminism
    8. Interesting characters
    9. Awesome shots
    10. The end gives us an awesome lesson about hope and love

  12. That Black Widow crap annoys me. She pretty much had equal time with Captain America in the Winter Soldier.

  13. My fave chracter is always wonder woman but i didnt like the movie. Gal gadot was no patch on lynda carter

  14. A bit of your points are based on old fashioned and complicated ordeals Watchmojo with this list but all-in-all, great list lol.

    #11. It didn’t bash men to bring up women.

  15. General zod and the others plus the world engine in man of steel is what destroyed metropolis(probably spelled it wrong). He fought zod and crashed threw a few buildings. But he did save metropolis.
    Batman is the way he is in BVS because of what’s his been through in his years as Batman. "20 years in Gotham we’ve seen what promises are worth. How many good guys are left? How many stayed that way?" Batman brands and kills because after the death of jason Todd and seeing the battle between superman and zod has broken him. He feels like His in a world he can no longer control and he now kills to protect himself and the citizens of Gotham.
    Plus it’s suicide squad there villains what were people expecting?

  16. A woman director doesn’t make it a better movie, nor does the female lead, nor does anything that pushes diversity. Because EVERYONE IS FUCKING EQUAL.

Top 10 Things We Loved About The Wonder Woman Movie

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