DIY Birthday in a box! Throw a mini party for your friend! Gift idea

Hi guys!! I’ve been receiving a lot of comments asking for something special to make for friend’s birthdays, so in this video I will show you how to make a birthday In a box, so you can throw a mini birthday party for your friends while you are at school or work.

The first step is making personalized labels for your friend. For this, write “label png” on Google images and choose one of them. Then open this picture on Use the text tool to write “Happy Birthday” and then your friend’s name and age, for example “Emily is 22”. Save it to your computer and open the image on word office. Copy and paste the image; make lots of little tags that are 9 cm long and then a big one that is 15 cm long.
You can of course handwrite the labels but this way is faster. Then print and cut those labels.

To make the little bags take a piece of cellophane, fold it in half and tape the sides as I’m doing in the video. There are also premade bags at the stores but I could find any where I live. Then, just fill them with some balloons, Take a piece of cardstock, fold it in half and staple the sides. Finally glue down one of the little labels. I also made another bag with some confetti, and some more with snacks for everyone in the party.

I also decorated a soda bottle: I glued a rectangle of cardstock and then stuck another label. I also glued labels on plastic cups.
For a mini cake I chose a muffin and I wrapped it in more cellophane, add a ribbon and made a bow.

I also made a card so you can all write sweet messages for your friend. Just fold in half a piece of cardstock and glue down the big label we did before.

The last step is putting everything into a pretty box. Attach the card with a little bit of tape to the inside of the cover. Then tape a piece of cord and secure a birthday candle making a bow. And your birthday in a box is complete!! Don’t forget to bring a lighter to light the candle.

So I hope you liked this idea, I think is the perfect way to do something special for your friends in their birthdays while you are at school or during a little break at work. As I already have some videos with gift ideas, I wanted to do something a little different so I hope you enjoyed the video! Thanks for watching and I’ll talk to you next time. Bye!

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DIY Birthday in a box! Throw a mini party for your friend! Gift idea

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